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We believe everyone has a silver lining and that abilities are more important than disabilities.  We also believe that a relationship with a trained therapy horse can have a significant impact on people’s lives.  So, we have developed a unique approach to therapy.  We utilize traditional, evidence based occupational therapy treatments along with incorporating equine movement (hippotherapy) into our plan of care.  There is a significant amount of research indicating that experiencing high quality equine movement and building a relationship with a horse can improve function for each individual. 

Overcoming challenges can be tough and working with people and therapy animals can provide an encouraging and fun experience.  Developing relationships with animals, including horses, has been show to improve balance, strength, coordination, decrease blood pressure and anxiety and improve a person’s concept of themselves as successful resulting in improved quality of life.  There’s the Silver Lining we talked about.

Silver Lining Therapy, LLC

Silver Lining Therapy, LLC

Karen M. Gardner, OTR
Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist

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Silver Lining Therapy, LLC
355 N. Berlin Rd.
Brenham, Texas 77833